Seminar on Instrumentation and Monitoring of Ground Deformation and Continuous Monitoring by Global Navigation Satellite System

(Jointly organized by AGS (HK), Building Division and Civil Division of the HKIE)

Date : Time : Venue :

20 January 2024, Saturday
9:15am – 12:00nn
Sophie Chan Room in HKIE Headquarters at 9/F, Island Beverley, No.1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Programme Highlights
Part 1 : Instrumentation and Monitoring of Ground Deformation System (By Ir Raymond SM Chan)

Ir Raymond Chan will introduce the different geotechnical instruments used in ground deformation that includes:

  • –  Ground vibration monitoring.
  • –  Ground Movement Instruments likes building, ground, utility and seabed settlement markers, tilt

    meter, extensometer, inclinometer, sondex system and shape array etc.

  • –  Frequency of monitoring for each of the instruments, the allowable control limit – 3A System in

    Alert, Alarm and Action levels, and progressing 5 alert level system will be implemented in nearest


  • –  The past failures of sites due to improper implementation of monitoring of instrumentation system.

    Part 2 : GNSS and Application in Utility Settlement Monitoring (by Dr Owen WT YANG)

    Dr. Owen Yang will introduce the use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in utility monitoring, with the case of GNSS settlement check points in water pipes. He will present :

    • –  Automatic monitoring of deformation by GNSS
    • –  The error source of GNSS and elimination method in the utility monitoring.
    • –  Monitoring of pipe settlement by GNSS
    • –  A study case of GNSS in pipe settlement monitoring


      The talk will be presented in Chinese with presentation aids in English

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