We are always looking for people interested in joining our discipline.

Building Discipline – Professional Assessment

The professional assessment for Building Discipline from year 2001 onward will normally be conducted twice per year.

Recognition of RPE (Building)

In the Site Safety Supervision Plan RPE (Building) have been accepted as TCP5 by Buildings Department for A&A works, demolition, superstructure, curtain wall and street works.

For Exempted Houses in the New Territories, RPE (Building) have been accepted as competent engineers to design and construct such houses.

Benefits of Joining

The HKIE, formerly known as the Engineering Society of Hong Kong, was established in 1947. The aim of the Society was to bring together engineers of different disciplines for their common good. In 1975, the HKIE was incorporated by Government Ordinance with the responsibility to set standards for the education and training of engineers, and govern the conducts of its members.

The HKIE is the body responsible for qualifying engineers in Hong Kong. Members are categorized into 17 Disciplines of which Building is one of the Disciplines. To become a member of the HKIE, a candidate must satisfy the Professional Entry Requirements of the Institution. Candidates who wish to join the Building Discipline must have sufficient training and experience in the building construction.

Currently, the advisory panel of the Building Discipline has participated actively in the discussion with our Chinese counterparts for mutual recognition. In addition, it continues to promote the status of RPE (Building), for example, the Government has recently recognized RPE (Building) as the technical competent persons to supervise construction projects.

Candidates who wish to join the Building Discipline and become a member of the HKIE may write to the HKIE, 9/F Island Centre, No. 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong for further information.