As the newly elected Chairman of the Building Division for Session 2023/24, I am deeply honored and proud to follow in the footsteps of past chairmen and committee members who have made significant contributions to the Division over the years. I would like to pay special tribute to Ir Anthony YM CHI, the Immediate Past Chairman, for his outstanding leadership during the last session, particularly his efforts to help the Division recover from the impact of COVID-19 and resume its planned schedules and major activities.
As we move forward into the “new normal” and continue to build our city, the HKSAR government has set various development targets in the recent Policy Address, including the development of the Northern Metropolis, the construction of Light Public Housing units, the redevelopment of public housing estates, and the participation of private developers in subsidized housing development. Achieving these targets will require the expertise and participation of our professional engineers, especially building engineers, who will need to take on fast-paced, challenging, and demanding projects and mega developments. This highlights the important role that our professional engineers play in supporting these development targets.
At the same time, dealing with an aging city requires building engineers and  practitioners who have the knowledge and skills to address problems and create a better living environment through innovation and advanced technologies. Buildings are a crucial part of our cities and the lives of people. Building design and construction have a significant impact on the success and achievement of a sustainable built environment.
As a Division consisting of a diverse group of professionals, including those with expertise in engineering design, construction, building management, and academia, we are committed to promoting the latest and most advanced building materials and technologies.
To achieve this aim, we will continue to organize technical seminars and visits, which will enable us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field and to share our knowledge and expertise with others. Through these activities, we hope to inspire innovation and creativity in the building industry and to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable built environment.
The Building Division will also foster interaction and fellowship between professionals and stakeholders in the building industry. We will cherish collaboration opportunities with other Divisions and institutional bodies to jointly organize high-value learned society activities. look forward to your continued support of the Building Division and active participation in the coming year.
Ir Tony WG ZA
Chairman, Building Division
Session 2023/2024