Innovation Beyond Limits – New Era of Glass & Facade Engineering

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Innovation Beyond Limits – New Era of Glass & Facade Engineering

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18 January 2023 (Wednesday) 6:30pm to 7:30pm

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Programme highlights

Nowadays, 3D design and construction tools support building expertise throughout the project life cycle for any building geometry which might be an impossible mission in the past. With the invention of the new 3D technology, Architects, Façade engineers and Façade contractors are well equipped with advanced design and construction software and technique to deal with the challenges of any building geometry, structural design, complicated detailing, fabrication, assembly, and installation.

To tackle complex building forms, Non-linear Integrated Design & Analysis (NIDA) facilitates both the design and construction process. As NIDA is also a computerized tool to provide an optimized design with consideration of construction details and sequences, the overall fabrication and site installation works can be simplified while the quality control is well managed. With the invention of the advanced technology “CNC cutting” which shapes all 3D joints, both the fabrication process and site installation are streamlined with predictable quality. By adopting this CNC technique, the overall 3D structure with tailored designed connections is further subdivided into modules for simple “bolt and nut” site installation. Construction speed, precision, and safety can be controlled simultaneously while the craftmanship can be approved by a very cost-effective technique.


Ir Dr. Dominic Yu is a Research & Engineering based specialist in structural design and structural use of glass. He is the Principal of Alpha Consulting Limited, providing consultancy services on glass and facade engineering, non-linear integrated design and analysis, structural fire engineering, product development, etc. He is a Part-time Lecturer in Fire Safety Engineering Programme of University of Central Lancashire & CityU SCOPE. He is also a Visiting Lecturer for MSc Module of Façade Engineering in the Civil Engineering Programme at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before joining Alpha Consulting Limited, Dr. Yu worked as Specialist Test Consultant and Approved Signatory of Research Engineering Development Façade Consultants Limited (RED Façade and Fire HOKLAS Testing Laboratory).

Dr. Yu obtained Doctoral Degree of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (Structures), Master Degree in Fire Safety Engineering, and Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. He worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to serve as Technical Secretary of the consultancy study contributing to the “Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel 2005” and the 2011 version. He also compiled the Explanatory Materials of the Steel Code for Buildings Department. Dr. Yu is Professional Consultant for the Consultancy Study of “Code of Practice for Structural Use of Glass 2018” for Buildings Department.

Dr. Yu is also actively serving the industry and the university by delivering various technical seminars and lectures. He delivered over 130 technical seminars in various institutions including HKIE, HKISC, HKIS, HKFA, RICS, HKICW, CIOB, BD, ArchSD, HD, etc., in which over 90 seminars since 2012 for the topics related to “Glass and Façade Engineering” including Statutory Requirements, Analysis, Design, Testing, Quality Control, Practical Consideration, Production, Installation, and Inspection.

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Ir Dr Dominic Yu delivered an informative and interesting presentation

Webinar on Innovation Beyond Limits – New Era of Glass & Façade Engineering Ir K L Chan

With the increasing desire on building aesthetic, function, safety and cost control, on 18th January 2023, Building Division organized a webinar for Innovation Beyond Limits – New Era of Glass & Façade Engineering regarding the building façade system. More than 240 participants attended, including different disciplines and parties in the industry and institutions.

Ir Dr Dominic Yu, Principal of Alpha Consulting Limited, was invited to deliver a presentation on the challenges of complex building geometries in design, detailing, fabrication, assembly and installation and innovative solutions to overcome the challenges.

The presentation started with an introduction of special design requirements for façade structures and different materials for the interlayer of laminated glass panels such as PVB and SGP. The presentation is followed by an illustration of “Beyond Limits” buildings around the world with complex building forms and façade geometries like the Sky Pool, the Steve Jobs Theatre and the Peak Galleria in overseas and Hong Kong, and the use of innovative design and construction approach to the projects.

The use of Non-linear Integrated Design & Analysis (NIDA) software for steel structure design analysis, the use of new 3D technology “CNC cutting”, 3D printing for construction, the adopting of modular construction with Smart Node System for metal frames and the use of jumbo sized glass and curved glass panels were discussed in detail.

Towards the end of the presentation, Ir Dr Dominic Yu introduced some new glass solutions such as the Smart Glass which can become dark under sunlight and the new Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) for glazing retrofitting for existing buildings with more effective blocking of thermal transmission and noise transmission than traditional monolithic glass or Insulting Glass Unit (IGU).

The webinar broadened participants’ knowledge on the feasible technical solutions to the exterior façade with complex geometries, long spans and high performance requirements from design to construction, from glass panels to the supporting frames and from the past to the future. On behalf of the Building Division, we would like to convey our sincere gratitude to Ir Dr Dominic Yu who kindly acted as facilitator for this webinar.