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Technical Seminar on “Experience Sharing on Construction Technology in China “

Date, time & venue

2018-11-19;6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.;The HKIE Headquarter


Speaker(s) (if applicable)

Ir. Raymond Wong, 

Independent researcher and a lecturer in the Division of Building Science and Technology at City University of Hong Kong. 

Programme highlight

Modern buildings are often getting more complex in design both in terms of geometrical form, shape, spatial layout and size in order to fit the expectation of the investors, designers and users. How to construct these structures is a great challenge to be faced by engineers and contractors. 

In this seminar the speaker will try to highlight some eye-catching examples of building projects in China with such mentioned features. The work practices, technology used and work set-up to construct these buildings or facilities will be a focus for illustration in the talk.  

The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese. Presentation materials will be in English. 

Registration details 

The seminar is free-of-charge. No prior registration is required. The number of participants is limited to 60 and seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis

Enquiry details

For enquiries, please email to Ir. Cedric Chan at cedric_hkie@hotmail.com





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